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Red Soles Distillery’s Absinthe Verte is a delicious, pungent unaged brandy infused with 11 botanicals following an 18th century, Swiss recipe. This high proof rarity is traditionally served diluted. Licorice, mint and sage flavors combine to flood the palate in herbal notes.  

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$58.00 per Bottle

Red Soles Distillery’s Five Year Aged Brandy is made by fermenting premium Chardonnay grapes, without the addition of yeast or sulfites, then distilled in our small batch alembic still. The brandy aged five years in new French oak to complement the rich essence of Chardonnay flavor. Spicy layers of pear and apple, finish with a note of toasty caramel.

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$58.00 per Bottle

A blended brandy of Garnacha and Tempranillo. The Garnacha is a new, unaged brandy and the Tempranillo spent years in the barrel. Perfect for sipping, or mixing in your favorite cocktail.

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$48.00 per Bottle

This spirit is spicy, fun, and unlike any cinnamon product you've had before. To make it, we start out with premium unaged Brandy and re-distill it a second time with fresh cinnamon sticks in the still. After the second distillation, we let it sit with more fresh cinnamon sticks to give it its warm golden color, and to infuse it with even more cinnamon flavor. The result is a complex, spicy, and expressive spirit that would make a lovely addition to your liqour cabinet! 350 mL.

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$32.00 per Bottle

Our Grappa is made “in the spirit” of Grappa, using something that would otherwise go to waste. We collect the sediment left in each barrel of wine we bottle and distill it. Fruity, spicy and smooth. Sip neat or mix in your favorite cocktail.

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$28.00 per Bottle

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